Essential guide: taking care of your engagement ring

After wearing the ring, you will not only get a fiance but also have new precious property. Although your engagement ring always looks beautiful from a distance, it depends on how you maintain the brilliance when shooting at close range. This is not just an ordinary piece of jewelry, so before picking up cleaning supplies, make sure to follow specific instructions to maintain the new carat.

Not sure where to start? This guide will put you on the right track and help you take care of your engagement ring (and wedding ring).

Insure your ring

Caring For Your Engagement RingInsurance is one of the things you don’t think you need until you need it. If you risk not protecting your itinerary or adding a warranty to technology and the risk of backfire, don’t make the same mistake when ringing the ring. Buy an insurance policy to find the best option for you-some couples add ring protection to homeowner or tenant insurance, while others provide insurance through a jeweler or third-party insurance company that buys the ring. First, please arrange your own assessment of the ring to understand which insurance plan makes the most sense.

Could you give it a home (away from home)?

It’s not unusual to be fearful of misplacing or losing your ring, which often leads to keeping it on at all times. But remember, this is a beautiful piece of jewelry and should be treated as such. This means taking it off to perform daily activities such as cooking, sleeping, swimming, or going to the gym.

“Don’t wear rings except for dishes, bathing or bathing.” Chelsea Roy, owner and wedding planner of Everything Ring, said. “Soap and other detergents can damage the ring over time, not to mention letting your hands slip, which can lead to situations where you do not want to see a ring accident.”

The trick is: every time you remove the ring, place it in the exact same place, such as a shelf or a specific part of the jewelry box in the safe. In this way, if it is not in your finger, there is only one other place here, maybe.

Know when it’s time to clean

Caring For Your Engagement RingWhen you are used to wearing your fingers on the ring, please take a moment to learn how (and when) to clean the ring at home before you are mature.

Whenever it opens, the ring gets dirty-from shaking hands or showing off to running errands or simply running in it, bacteria and dirt will accumulate and should be cleaned every two weeks.

Fortunately, many household products can be used for daily household maintenance. The easiest way to clean the ring is to fill the bowl with warm water and a dash of detergent, and then let the ring soak for 20 minutes or more (depending on how dirty the ring is). If there is any residue or accumulation on the ring, use a toothbrush to wipe off the dirt gently.

And if you’re concerned about your ring looking good while you’re on the go, invest in a pocket-sized cleaner like the Gem Pen by The Mrs. Box to keep the shine and sparkle going all day long.

Hand it over to the professionals

Caring For Your Engagement RingJust like you cannot miss seeing a dentist every two years (even if you wish), try to arrange two visits per year to wear the ring at the jeweler. In this way, it can be inspected and cleaned more thoroughly than yourself.

And once you become an expert in cleaning engagement rings, you can get one step closer to getting the next piece of “I Do” jewelry (wedding ring).

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