2020 Engagement Ring Trends: Our Top 5 Styles for the Upcoming Year

Looking for the perfect engagement ring this year? Unique shapes, retro influences, and dazzling colors (in metal and stone) seem to be the trend in 2020. Customization and personal impact will play an essential role in the ring design, because couples tend to use more symbolic styles. Whether you choose a traditional three-stone diamond ring or decide to make interesting colored stones, you will surely find a style that she will not only love in 2020 but will also appear in the coming years. Start searching and view our predictions for engagement ring trends. Check more here

1. Engagement Ring Trends: Fancy Shapes

Engagement Ring TrendsIn the past few years, the popularity of fancy diamonds has continued to increase, with oval diamonds dominating in 2018. This year, pear-shaped and marquise-shaped diamonds are catching up! Although round diamonds are still a top priority, the slim appearance of these flower-shaped diamonds adds a unique and romantic feel to your ring. Stick to the traditional north-south setting to get an elegant look, or try to use something to create a striking modern style.

2. Engagement Ring Trends: Tapered Baguettes

Engagement Ring TrendsBaguette diamonds were very popular during the Art Deco period and are being repopulated in the design of engagement rings. Tapered baguettes can set your ring with excellent accent stones because they can highlight the beauty and size of the center stone and can be perfectly matched with any shape of diamond or gemstone. Consider the low-key appearance of baguettes on thin bands, or a more artistic approach by adding a halo of baguettes around your central gem.

3. Engagement Ring Trends: Yellow Gold

Engagement Ring TrendsAlthough white metal is still the first choice for engagement rings, many brides still choose the soft appearance of gold. With Meghan Markle and other celebrities wearing gold engagement rings, it is not surprising that this classic metal will still be popular in the coming year. Gold gives your diamond ring a retro feel and makes colored gemstones (especially warm tones!) truly stand out. If you don’t want to use all gold, you can consider the two-tone design to obtain unique popular colors without much impact.

4. Engagement Ring Trends: Colored Gemstones

Engagement Ring TrendsColored gems are still very popular in the design of engagement rings. Colored gemstones can be used as center stones or as accessories, giving couples the opportunity to bring their personal style to the ring. Consider a gem of her favorite color or something that represents an important date on your birthday or relationship. Even more in-depth exploration of the meaning behind certain gemstones-ruby represents love and passion; sapphire represents loyalty and trust; garnet represents health.

5. Engagement Ring Trends: Three-Stone

Three-stone rings like Meghan Markle will become a popular style in 2020 due to their classic appearance and symbolic meaning. The design of these three stones represents the past, present, and future of your love relationship, adding romantic color to your proposal. We also like the simplicity of customizing the ring based on the bride’s personal preferences. Try to mix and match gems of color, size, and shape to create a unique design.

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