Six different types of earrings you must have in 2020

Although 2019 will all involve necklaces and automatic necklaces, 2020 will all involve personalized earrings. From models wearing earrings at International Fashion Week, to our own DESI Fashion Week, from the one-shoulder shepherd earrings with oversized bolts, from tassel earring stones to embellish jhumkis, from the simple pair of exaggerated iron rings to any Glam clothing Division earrings will become a major changer this year.

1. Different Kinds of Earrings – Oxidised

Different types of earrings When we look to the West for inspiration, we return to the roots of the latest oxidized jewelry trend. Recently, I saw these models wearing eye-catching oxidized earrings on the runway of New York Fashion Week. The best part is its versatility, so that it can be used in both traditional and Western clothing.

Tip: Match oxidized earrings with square prints to create an artistic atmosphere.

2. Stud Earrings

Different types of earrings No, we are not talking about small earrings, but really large personalized earrings. All brides with “It” brides wear elaborate personalized earrings as well as their maang-tikka and necklace necklaces. You can choose a variety of materials from various earrings, such as Kundan, Polki, gemstones and enamel earrings. Get some hints from the bride on the runway, and then get fashionable…oh, we mean…happy marriage!

3. Different Kinds of Earrings – Mystical Blues

The color of Pantone may be Greenery, but blue has its own royal charm. After all, you can also use blue for oxygenation and rejuvenation. Last year, Indigo was all the rage, and it seems that fashion designers and influential people have chosen colors from the same family this year. Whether it is clothes or jewelry, this color will not disappoint you.

Tip: Choose the same color blue, then change from light blue to dark blue from top to bottom.

4. Different Kinds of Earrings – Oversized Jhumkis

Trends are coming and going, but these jhumkas will always be an integral part of our bijoux box. No matter which country you live in, these ladies are fascinated by these classics. You can find all kinds of bamboo in gold, silver, pearls, etc. Recently, when Anushka Sharma collaborated with Lucknowi Chikankari kurtas, she gave us some serious “jhumki” goals in the movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

5. Different Kinds of Earrings – Minimalistic

Different types of earrings If your current mode is “no worries,” choose a simple look. This look is not as easy as it seems, especially when our Instagram feed is full of crazy textures and fabric blends, printed and knitted sweaters on leather-like clothes. Choose a palette of neutral tones and earth tones to achieve a simple look. By the way, Bollywood celebrities Sonam Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have been popular with this trend.

6. Tassel Earrings

Shoes. Clothes. Jewelry. Do you see all the tassels now? Because that is today’s trend. Celebrities in the wire town have appeared on the red carpet with the tassel trend. Invest in this tassel earring because this trend will continue.

Tip: Wear tassel earrings and strapless tops.

Now that you know what will be popular this year, make sure you have these six jewelry points in your closet. Bring back the golden sparkles, add drama, and get ready to start!

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